Current Programs

Formats:  short TED-style keynotes, break-out sessions and workshops; board retreats and facilitations

The Art of Strategy

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Business owners and executives
  • Executive directors of nonprofit and associations

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Specific tools to use in the strategic planning process
  • Ways to integrate creativity into the planning process
  • An understanding of the purpose and value of strategic planning

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  • Eight Things You Should Know about Strategic Planning – that I learned the hard way
  • Stop Wasting Time with Strategic Planning – three tips to maximize your efforts


Intentional Networking:  The Nuances of Talking Business

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Sales professionals
  • Mid to Senior Level executives
  • Women in Business
  • People needing to expand their network
  • People needing to more effectively network

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Specific steps to take for more effective networking
  • An understanding of why you need to be more intentional when networking
  • A process for networking that nets more results

How to Deal with Change:

This program is perfect for:
• Anyone looking ahead to or planning retirement
• People who've had a major change thrust upon them
• People who are tired of life as it is in business or personal life

The audience will leave with:
• An understanding of the nature of change and how to make the most of it
• Tools to help them navigate the emotional and mental aspects of this change

The Opportunity of Age:

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Sales and Marketing managers for small-medium companies selling consumer products and services
  • Small business owners
  • Nonprofit executive directors and CEO's

The audience will leave with:

  • ​An understanding of the economic impact the over 50 population can deliver to your bottom line
  • Ideas on how to sell and market to them
  • An appreciation of the value they provide to their communities

Celebrating Age:

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Adults over 50, especially over 65
  • Children of parents who are over 65
  • Anyone who is living or working with the over 65 population

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Reasons to celebrate age, even after retirement
  • How to celebrate age
  • An understanding of the value that older people still have

Ted Talks

Most of the programs Ann offers are available in a short, TED-style format usually meaning 18 minutes or less. She's been lucky enough to give 2 real TED talks at TEDxSMU, so she knows how to pack a lot of impact into a short period of time.. 

In 2015 Ann was selected to give a Talk at TEDxSMUWomen - she talking about having no regrets, a topic that becomes more poignant as we age. Watch this TED Talk here.

The Talk was so well received that she was invited back to speak at the annual TEDxSMU event. This time she spoke on celebrating age, a topic that she has found more resonance with as she ages. Watch this TED Talk here.


Most of Ann's programs can be expanded into a two or three-hour workshop. In fact her programs on strategic planning and selling to women can easily expand to a full-day (6-8 hours) and still be very meaty.

Ann believes that workshops should be intense, fun, interactive and productive. She'll work closely with you to clearly understand your goals to insure the best results. The end goal is always to activate - one of my favorite words:

ˌˈak-tə-ˌvāt/; verb
 to make active
To find out how a customized workshop related to strategy, marketing or sales would be beneficial to your organization, please email or call Ann (972.308.6995) today.


Ann is a skilled and experienced facilitator. While she regularly facilitates strategic planning retreats (staff and board), she also facilitates a wide variety of training sessions on strategy, marketing and sales. You can also engage her to facilitate your materials or any significant business meeting where time, contribution, collaboration and outcomes are vital.

Having an outside facilitator for your major meetings can truly make or break them. An unbiased, apolitical approach can guide groups through often difficult or taboo topics.