Ann has an extensive background in marketing and strategy consulting. Ann began her strategic marketing training in '98 with Columbia School of Business professors while working for the Interep Marketing Group. During her tenure there she worked with Fortune 1000 companies to create customized media-centered sales and marketing promotions. 

When Ann founded Bottom Line 3 Marketing, Inc. she began to share what she learned from working with the big boys with small businesses, nonprofits and associations. Ann expanded her consulting services to include strategic planning and in the process developed her own Bottom Line 3 Strategic Planning Process. 

The Process is built on a triple bottom line philosophy that recognizes 3 bottom lines: people, planet and profit.

Currently Ann consults on strategic planning, marketing, sponsorship selling, process improvement, strengths assessments and utilization. For more information on how her services can positively impact your culture and bottom line, please call Ann @ 972.308.6995.


Ann is a skilled and experienced facilitator. While she regularly facilitates strategic planning retreats (staff and board), she also facilitates a wide variety of training sessions on strategy, marketing and sales. You can also engage her to facilitate your materials or any significant business meeting where time, contribution, collaboration and outcomes are vital.

Having an outside facilitator for your major meetings can truly make or break them. An unbiased, apolitical approach can guide groups through often difficult or taboo topics. 


Ann took her coaches training in 2006 with Coach for Life out of San Diego. She was so impressed with them because of their holistic approach to coaching. Her training helped her understand the nuances of business coaching. Because while she might be coaching a business executive, inside - of course - they're just a regular person.  

She helps her clients balance their inner and outer needs and demands which is so vital to success and happiness. Ann believes our work should be a happy thing, at least most of the time. Success without happiness is a prison - so, let's open the gates and find some joy.

According to Now Discover Your Strengths, Ann's #1 strength is empathy, following by connectedness. These two strengths combined allow Ann to provide particularly insightful and relevant guidance as you journey toward your goals and dreams. 

Coaching Packages are available.